JWE Tri-State: Business Brainstormer in Lakewood

02/22/2023 08:00 PM - 09:00 PM ET


  • $36.00


Jackson, NJ


Business Brainstormer sessions combine the insight, connections, and expertise of the group to create a powerful problem-solving tool for individual challenges. 
The goal is to make connections, build referrals, gain feedback on your current challenge or opportunity. 
FREE for Members; $36 for Non-Members
Here's How it Works: 
1. You will each have ONE minute to share: 
• Your name 
• Your business name 
• A brief description of your business or profession 
• A specific challenge that you are currently facing in your business or profession 
2. The participants at your table will then will then spend TWO minutes sharing ideas and brainstorming ways to solve your problem. 
3. As your peers share their ideas with you, take notes on the brainstormer card provided to you. Make sure to capture suggestions as well as recommended names and numbers in the follow up section of the card.
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