The JWE Virtual: Productivity Workshop with Wendy Ellin Follow-Up (9pm ET)

03/27/2023 09:00 PM - 10:00 PM ET


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Consider the challenges we face everyday: 

  • Overloaded email inbox with no end in sight
  • Constantly putting fires out vs. processing incoming items
  • Non-stop meetings with an ever-growing "to do" list because of them
  • Prioritizing requests
  • Getting realistic about daily scheduling
  • Managing tasks lists that consist of work and life items every day
  • Setting boundaries around our time
  • Trying to find a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in our work
  • Distraction from clutter Honoring deadlines and responsiveness
  • Retaining talented employees Just to name a few...


Wendy's initial workshop covered: 

  • Keeping Your Head in the Game
  • F.O.C.U.S. Formula for Success
  • Creating Productive Spaces
  • Getting Realistic About Your 24 hours
  • Declutter your e-clutter/INBOX ZERO

This initial workshop was made possible by a generous donation to The JWE Community. If you or your company is interested in donating to The JWE to create more community-wide workshops, please contact